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Tokenized stock portfolio

With tokenized stocks & ETFs you open up what blockchain has to offer.

Trading stock

You own it

Just like when you buy at your trader, you own the underlying stock you buy with You get dividends & voting rights

Fractional shares

Buy the dollar amount you want. With your aUSD token you can buy any stock available at the dollar amount of your choosing


Trade with 0.2% service fee for each trade
External services that use might add service fee on top

Discover thousands of stock

With over 5600 stocks available to trade with on 7 different exchanges, companies in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia are now at your fingertips

Reliable & Secure

Regulated and using top security standards. Using blockchain limits the attack surface to a fraction compared to other trading platforms.

Move your current stock

Move your current stock, from the lockin towards freedom. Using Automated Customer Account Transfers Service (ACATS) your broker will move your stock to so you can enjoy the freedom you deserve.

Benefits of the blockchain

Platform lock-in removed

With current brokers (robinhood, etoro, etc) your data is locked behind a big firewall. With your trades are written to the blockchain, allowing anybody to read the data. Get ready for multiple choices when dealing with your stock. Don’t be locked in.

Move around freely

With your data on the blockchain, you can now move freely around portfolio managers. In the current system you are stuck with what you start with. No longer.

Buy in your wallet

Use your crypto wallet to buy or sell stocks. No need for you to have multiple interfaces for all your stock and crypto trades, stick to your favorite wallet for all trades


With the data on the blockchain, anybody can use it. Get ready for a new reality on the stock market. Multiple portfolio manager, social investment, tools, games. All built on transparent data.


Transport you data easily between systems. You want your trading in you Excel, Google sheets, Power BI or some other tool. It's easy to push data into them all

Lock up your stock for collateralization

You can lock your tokenized stock and use it for collateralization, earn added yield on your stock without selling it.
Coming fall 2023

For services

DeFi services

Are you running a DeFi service and would like to offer your customers stock & ETF trading.

Not only do you increase your product selection, but you can also increase your revenue.

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TradFi services

Are you running a traditional financial service and would like to offer you customers stock trading.

By using you let us handle all the administration, while you take in extra revenue and provide great value to your customers.

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Funds & brokerages services

Do you have your own algorithm that you use to trade with.

Write your own code that decides the logic of you algorithm and execute it with in 1 line of code.

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For developers

Web developers

If you are a developer and you would like to be in the forefront, then this is an opportunity.

With the data being available, you can build a portfolio manager, social investment platform, tax tools, trading games, or what you can think of.

Get started

//install the package
npm install
import LiminalMarket from '';

//initiate the LiminalMarket class
const lm = LiminalMarket.getInstance(provider);

//buy $50 of Apple stock
await lm.buySecurityToken('AAPL', ethers.util.toWei(50));

//sell 1 share of Apple stock
await lm.sellSecurityToken('AAPL', ethers.util.toWei(1));

Smart contract developers

//SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.8.16;

import "./LiminalMarketExternalService.sol";

//The smart contract you are making.
//It inherits from LiminalMarketExternalService
contract MyDeFiService is LiminalMarketExternalService {
    //create instance of our smart contract that points to LiminalMarket Mumbai smart contract
    constructor() LiminalMarketExternalService(0x19d5ABE7854b01960D4911e6536b26F8A38C3a18) { }

    function myBuyLogic() public {
        //do some magic calculation to decide what to buy and how much
        this.buySecurityToken(walletAddress, symbol, amount);

    function mySellLogic() public {
        //do some magic calculation to decide what to sell and how much
        this.sellSecurityToken(walletAddress, symbol, quantity);

Are you a smart contract developer doing swaps, why not add stock trading to your app with few lines of code.

Add to the product selection of your service and increase the revenue.

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Value on chain

For more information, check out

Note: is running on testnet so no real value is behind these number.

3rd party integrations

Feeds your trades into you favorite tool

Stock trading game with $$ prices and NFT bragging rights
Integrate your own service with

How does it work?

Check out our introduction video & play with our demo.

The team

Founder & CEO

Ingi Gauti Ragnarsson, founder of

Ingi Gauti Ragnarsson has been entrepreneur since 2000, former CTO of the largest ecommerce websites in Iceland


Arnar Arinbjarnarson, co-founder of

Arnar Arinbjarnarson
Investment banker for 11 years, repeated entrepreneur for another 11 years, now combining these two experiences for for the next 11 years

Gudmundur, advisor to
Guðmundur Magnason
Experienced retailer with a strong background in marketing and technology. An entrepreneur with a proven track record in operations and leadership.
Theodor, advisor to
Theodór Gíslason
Experienced security expert, founder & CTO of Syndis. Focused on an attack minded approach to security

Whitepaper, Documentation & Blog

Accelerators & Hackathons is in the Encode x Polygon Accelerator. 8-week program, ending with a Pitch day

Polygon BUIDL IT - 2022

Pool price winner at the Polygon BUIDL IT. You can find our submission here.


How do I use

Your first act is to log in using your wallet. After that you need to finish KYC. When your KYC has been approved you must transfer money to the broker account. When the money has arrived, you will have balance on your aUSD token. With the aUSD token you can do any trade you would like.

What is aUSD

aUSD is a token that represents you balance at the broker. This is 1:1 to USD. This is the real USD balance at the broker.

Do I need to do KYC

Not while you are on Testnet.

If you want to trade with real securities, then you need to do KYC. You are trading at a stock exchange, they require you to finish KYC before trading

How are your equities protected?

Alpaca Securities LLC, executes your trades and holds your stocks in a segregated account in your name. Alpaca is SIPC members and so any stocks they hold for you benefit from SIPC protection. As a member of SIPC customers securities are protected up to $500,000.

How will I receive dividends?

You’ll see dividend payments paid to your aUSD token.

I have more questions

You encourage you to contact us either through email, [email protected] or through our Discord channel